Nembutal Offenses

Nembutal Possession, Intent to Distribute & Prescription Forgery/Fraud

Person arrested for nembutal possession and intent to distribute in NJ

Nembutal is a short-acting barbiturate which acts like alcohol inebriation—with greater euphoria and loss of inhibition. The drug is prescribed to treat seizures and helps to sedate patients after an operation. This drug is also used recreationally through possession without a prescription, unlawful distribution and selling, theft, prescription forgery and the like. Nembutal is a powerful drug that is classified as a controlled dangerous substance (CDS) so there are strict guidelines to distribute, sell or prescribe this drug. If you or a loved one has pending nembutal charges like possession with intent to distribute nembutal, prescription theft, or even just possession without a script, our lawyers have the skill set to assist you. Our attorneys have over 60 years of experience defending cases in NJ and are ready to provide the information you are looking for. Reach an attorney now at 1-877-450-8301.

Consequences of Nembutal Charges in NJ

The law and penalties for illegally possessing, selling, or using fraud or forgery to obtain nembutal are serious. In every case involving CDS like nembutal, an individual is subject to a drivers license suspension and a resulting criminal record upon conviction. Beyond these basic consequences, a person is exposed to significant jail time including up to 18 months for a fourth-degree charge, 5 years for a third-degree charge, and 10 years for a second-degree charge. Where a nembutal charge falls within this grading depends on the nature of the offense and the quantity involved. It is a fourth-degree charge to possess 5 or less units of a prescription drug without a valid prescription. Possession of more than 5 units is a third-degree crime and so is intent to distribute this amount. Prescription forgery, fraud and theft also customarily fall within this range. Charges escalate to second-degree where distribution or selling involves higher quantities. An attorney from our firm would be happy to provide more information regarding particular pedigrees of nembutal offenses.

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