Administrative Suspension for Out of State Refusal Conviction

New Jersey DMV Suspension Hearing Defense Lawyers

As stated elsewhere on this website, the law in NJ provides that a license to drive a motor vehicle is a right and not a privilege. As such, it may be suspended for not only violations committed within the state, but also those which arise out of another state. In this regard, New Jersey is a member of the Interstate Compact which provides for reporting of traffic violations, including DWI and refusal charges, that occur within almost every state. When the New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles (“NJDMV”) receives notice of a conviction for refusal to provide a chemical breath test, it does what is commonly referred to as “domesticate” the foreign judgment. What this typically translates into is a proposed notice of suspension that can range from seven (7) months to ten (10) years, depending on an individual’s prior driving record. The NJDMV also attempts to impose monetary penalties, including surcharges, for the refusal violations that occur in Pennsylvania, New York or any other compact state.

If you have been served with a notice of proposed suspension by the Division of Motor Vehicles, we can help. Our lawyers will file an appeal of the suspension and, in many instances, are successful in eliminating or reducing proposed suspension periods. Give us a call immediately if you are subject to a suspension because the delay for filing an appeal is strict. You do not want to miss the opportunity to contest the suspension. An attorney is available now at 877-450-8301 to assist you in this regard.