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Cocaine is a highly addictive Schedule II drug. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that individuals between 18 and 25 years of age are at greatest risk of falling victim to cocaine abuse and addiction. It should come as no surprise that New Jersey Law makes possession of cocaine a third degree crime, a felony, that can land you in prison for up to five years. Representation by skillful and experienced Jersey City cocaine possession lawyer can be the difference between harsh penalties and your moving on with your life with minimum impact.

The team of attorneys at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall has the attributes to ensure that you achieve the very best result in your Jersey City NJ cocaine possession case. Our team can offer you:

  • Over 200 years of experience representing clients arrested for possession of cocaine
  • 10 lawyers that handle exclusively criminal defense
  • Former county prosecutors that include a Director of the Drug Task Force, Major Crimes & an entire Trail Division
  • Certified criminal trial attorneys
  • An office located on Newark Avenue in Jersey City directly across from the Hudson County Superior Court

Representation by our firm focuses on challenging and attacking the prosecution evidence through an innovative and aggressive defense strategy. Our effective use of legal defenses and diversion programs has one goal in mind, and that is to avoid a conviction and the penalties and lifetime stigma of a criminal conviction. Start fighting for your rights by calling us now at 201-309-0500 where an attorney is available at all times of the day or night to speak with you and review your options during a free initial consultation.

Cocaine Possession Offense in Jersey City New Jersey

Purposely or knowingly possessing or obtaining cocaine is illegal under N.J.S.A. 2C:35-10. Violations of this law occur most frequently as the result of routine traffic stops that lead to the discovery of cocaine. Whether your arrest arose out of this or another scenario, you may be convicted if you either constructively or actually possessed the drug. Actual possession implies that the accused has direct physical control over the cocaine such as when it is in their pocket, purse or wallet. Constructive possession exists when a defendant doesn’t have direct control over the cds but is aware if its presence and has both the ability and intent to exercise control in the future.

Our attorneys limit their practices to criminal defense, so they have an outstanding knowledge of the legal defenses proven most effective in cocaine possession cases, including challenging searches and seizures by the police. Unless police followed proper procedures to stop and search a vehicle, the evidence recovered from it could be challenged through a motion to suppress evidence. A successful challenge may result in an order preventing use of the evidence to prove you committed cocaine possession

Jersey City Cocaine Possession Penalties

Cocaine possession in violation of N.J.S.A. 2C:35-10 is an indictable crime of the third degree punishable by a fine of as much as $35,000 and imprisonment for up to five years. Because it is a felony, you would have a criminal record as a convicted felon for the rest of your life. A larger quantity of the drug could send you to prison for possession with intent to distribute. up to 20 years for possession with intent to distribute cocaine. There are alternatives to prison and a criminal record. Our attorneys explore diversion programs that allow you to avoid a conviction and sentencing alternatives, such as Drug Court and Pretrial Intervention, that could keep you out of jail or prison, and even avoiding a record altogether.

Jersey City Cocaine Possession Defense Attorney

If you want a superior defense from an experienced and dedicated Jersey City cocaine possession lawyer contact the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall. Each of our attorneys is committed to protecting your future from the impact of a cocaine possession conviction. Call us now at 201-309-0500 to speak with a lawyer during a free consultation at any time of the day or night.