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If you are in need of a Union City Municipal Court Defense Lawyer or someone who is highly skilled in defending indictable criminal charges arising in the municipality, you have landed in the right place. We You need the best local attorney you can find if you were charged with a criminal offense in Union City New Jersey.are the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, a firm that specializes in defense of individuals charged with violating the law. Whether you were arrested in Union City for a disorderly persons offense, DWI or a crime of the first, second, third or fourth degree, we have the skills to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome. Our team has credentials that are unquestionably impressive, including:

  • 12 lawyers that dedicate their work exclusively to representation of clients accused of burglary, drug distribution, CDS possession, handgun charges, robbery, terroristic threats, aggravated assault and just about any other offense
  • Over 200 years of combined experience representing clients at the Hudson County Superior Court and in Union City Municipal Court
  • Litigators whose skills are so extensive that they are designated Certified Criminal Trial Attorneys by the New Jersey Supreme Court
  • An office conveniently located on Newark Avenue directly across from the county courthouse to serve you

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Criminal Charges in Union City New Jersey

There are literally hundreds of individual criminal offenses set forth in the NJ Criminal Code. Given that Union City has over 68,000 residents condensed in approximately 1.2 square miles, an arrest for just about any charge is certainly possible. The more common violations in the town are:

  • Aggravated Assault
  • Simple Assault
  • Terroristic Threat
  • Criminal Contempt
  • Burglary
  • Possession of CDS like Fentanyl, LSD, Ecstasy and Methamphetamine
  • Credit Card Theft
  • Eluding

  • Sex Assault
  • Weapon Charges
  • Distribution of Heroin, Cocaine, Xanax, Marijuana & Other Drugs
  • Probation Violation
  • Domestic Violence
  • Juvenile Offenses
  • Handgun Possession
  • Stalking

When a criminal violation is indictable, jurisdiction to decide the charge is reserved to the Superior Court in Jersey City. An offense falls under this category if it bears the designation is a first degree, second degree, third degree or fourth degree crime. Please note that all cases of this nature involve state prison exposure with up to 18 months for a fourth degree, up to 5 years for a third degree, 5-10 years for a second degree and 10-20 years for a first degree. You obviously need to identify the very best criminal lawyer if you were charged with in this manner.

You may also face a criminal charge falling within the grade of a disorderly persons offense. Your case will be heard in Union City Municipal Court if it involves simple assault, harassment, disorderly conduct or another violation of this nature. The municipal court also has jurisdiction to decide traffic violations like DWI, driving while suspended, leaving the scene of an accident, reckless driving and speeding.

Criminal Attorneys in Union City New Jersey

When you have the second highest population density in the state like Union City, you can expect plenty of conflicts with the law resulting in criminal charges. For example, over 1,200 indictable crimes and 3,500 disorderly persons offenses were issued by the Union City Police over the one year ending June 2018. Selecting the right attorney to defend criminal charges like this is imperative if you want to ensure that you have the best opportunity for an acquittal or downgrade. The lawyers at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall are adept in the defense of virtually any offense you may be facing with over 200 years of combined defense experience. Contact our Jersey City Office at (201) 309-0500 for a free consultation with a knowledge lawyer on our team anytime 24/7.