Jersey City Alcohol Offenses

Jersey City Alcohol-Related Offenses Lawyer

Jersey City’s Municipal Court has quite a busy docket. There is no shortage of criminal-like cases there. Each NJ attorney at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall has appeared on behalf of clients in Jersey City Municipal Court on numerous occasions. Our experience has told us that alcohol is often involved in the events that lead to the matters before the court. Indeed, there are several Jersey City offenses that deal directly with alcohol. Additionally, there are other Jersey City charges which often go “hand in hand” with alcohol-related offenses. The Jersey City criminal defense attorneys at our NJ firm have been successful in Jersey City Municipal Court, downgrading and dismissing Jersey City alcohol-related charges.

Chapter 84 of the Jersey City Municipal Code provides the municipality’s “Alcoholic Beverages” laws. Below are explanations of some Jersey City ordinances involving alcohol.

Jersey City Drinking in Public

Jersey City Ordinance § 84-39 is entitled “Public Consumption Restricted” and, not surprisingly, it prohibits the consumption of alcoholic beverages in “any public place.” “Public place” is broadly defined to include just about every part of Jersey City apart from licensed premises. However, there are some limited exceptions to this definition such as “block parties.” The related provision, § 84-40, provides that a “presumption of intent [to consume]” is created when there is an “open container containing an alcoholic beverage.” Our Jersey City defense lawyers will scrutinize the statutory text, making sure to explore every possible defense for your case. For instance, our NJ defense attorneys can rebut the open container presumption if you were merely carrying a container from one place to another and did not intend to consume it. Contact our defense firm today to learn more about these Jersey City alcohol-related violations.

Jersey City Underage Drinking

It is no secret that the United States has a minimum drinking age. All 50 states require that an individual be at least 21 in order to drink alcoholic beverages. Despite this prohibition on underage drinking, it seems like an American tradition for young adults and even minors to try and circumvent this rule. Jersey City’s Code provides some stiff penalties for those who choose violate this law. In addition to hefty fines, an individual who drinks while underage in Jersey City is subject to loss of NJ driving privileges for up to six months. If the individual is not an NJ resident, his home state will be informed of his violation, likely resulting in a license suspension there. The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall employs a team of hard-nosed Jersey City alcohol defense attorneys who are experienced in defending against the underage drinking offense. Contact our Jersey City defense team if you or your child is facing an underage drinking charge would like to know your options.

In addition to the above City Ordinances, there are New Jersey state charges which address alcohol consumption. These include the motor vehicle offense of Driving While Intoxicated or Driving Under the Influence. If you were arrested in Jersey City or think that you will be charged with a Jersey City drinking offense, call the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall. Our Jersey City alcohol defense attorneys are experienced and willing to share that with you. Call our Jersey City defense lawyers today.