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Newark is the biggest city in New Jersey. With so many people in one place there is a lot of traffic and congestion. Since Newark is also a business center, there are many commuters coming in and out of the city every day. All these factors mean that Newark Municipal Court sees many traffic violations. In fact, statistics show that over 75% of the matters before Newark Municipal Court are traffic offenses. The Newark traffic defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall have a high success rate in getting traffic offenses dismissed in Newark. If you were arrested, ticketed, or charged with any Newark traffic or motor vehicle violations, do not hesitate seeking legal counsel. People tend to let Newark traffic charges “slide” until it is too late, making the penalties much more severe. In addition to Newark city traffic ordinances, NJ’s Motor Vehicle Act is the source of much of Newark traffic charges.


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Newark Parking and Traffic Offenses

Title 10 of Newark’s Municipal Code addresses “Vehicles and Traffic.” Most of the provisions within Newark’s traffic code deal with Newark parking. These Newark Parking Violations might not seem very serious, but if not paid, they can lead to more serious legal consequences like license suspension. Additionally, Newark traffic code allows for the city to remove your vehicle or car in certain circumstances. If your are experiencing difficulty with Newark City traffic violations contact our offices for legal advice.

Some of the more significant Newark traffic issues come from the NJ Motor Vehicle Act. These Newark vehicle charges have more serious consequences. Newark traffic charges like DWI, reckless driving, and driving while suspended/revoked are often litigated in the Newark traffic court system.

Newark DWI/DUI

Driving While Intoxicated in Newark is a serious offense. The penalties for a first offense include jail time, license suspension, and a permanent mark on one’s driving record. Newark has its share of DWI or DUI cases. If you are facing a Newark drunk driving charge, contact us right away for assistance. Our Newark DWI lawyers are on the cutting edge of drunk driving law, as our DWI site illustrates.

Newark Reckless Driving

When a Newark police officer pulls over a driver, he has the discretion to charge reckless driving, careless driving, or speeding. There are important differences between these charges, so make sure you consult a NJ traffic attorney after your citation. Newark Reckless driving and Newark careless driving are similar offenses, differing only in the state of mind required to commit the offense. Since reckless driving charges require that the driver’s bad driving be “willful and wanton,” the Newark prosecutor carries the heavy burden of showing that you consciously disregarded the safety of others. Our Newark traffic lawyers have been successful in downgrading this offense many times. Reckless Driving in Newark carries heavy penalties, including up to 60 days in a Newark jail.

Newark Driving While Suspended

A Newark Driving on a Suspended License charge carries very strong penalties. The pertinent statute is N.J.S.A. § 39:3-40. Fines can reach upwards of $3000.00 for this motor vehicle violation in Newark. More importantly, jail time for driving while revoked/suspended in Newark, NJ can be quite significant. You should know that our Newark traffic ticket attorneys have been successful in defending against these charges. The Prosecutor must show that you had adequate notice of the license suspension. When you hire our Newark, NJ traffic defense team, we will go the extra mile to make sure that Newark carries its burden in this regard.