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The town “Avon By The Sea” came into existence when it was incorporated under an act of legislature as a borough on March 23, 1900. The name Avon is believed to originate from the hotel which stood at the foot of Sylvania Avenue was was known as the “Avon” Inn prior to the naming of the municipality. There is little vacant or unused space in the community today, yet it’s growth is not, nor has it ever been unrestrained or chaotic. Although there are commercial establishments on Main Street and Ocean Avenue, they are surrounded by residential development so that the basic character of the town has not been altered. After the town became Avon-By-The Sea, vast improvements were made. A boardwalk was laid and fire companies were organized. The present public school was built in 1908 and the library was built in 1916. Avon is a thriving Monmouth county municipality.

Avon-by-the-Sea Municipal Court

The Municipal Building and Municipal Courthouse of Avon is located at 301 Main Street, Avon-By-The-Sea, New Jersey 07717. The telephone number of the Municipal Court is (732)502-4515. The Fax number is (732)774-0605. Municipal Court is conducted on the first and third Wednesdays of the month at 5 p.m. Sessions are sometimes held in the Neptune City municipal courthouse so call the courthouse ahead of time to find out which courthouse you must appear in. The judge is Alfred J. D’Auria. The prosecutor is Benjamin B. Choi and his telephone number is (201)438-0200. Your lawyer can meet with the prosecutor in the meeting area outside the Courtroom. The police department telephone number is (732)502-4500 and the police department is also located in the Municipal complex at 301 Main Street.

Directions to the Avon Municipal Court & Police Station

From the North: Take the Garden State Parkway South to exit 105 (Rt 36) toward Rt. 35/Eatontown/Long Branch. Merge onto Rt. 36 East. Turn right onto Hope Road (CR-51). Merge onto Route 18 South toward Point Pleasant. Take the Rt. 33 E exit, exit 8A toward Neptune. Merge onto Rt. 33, Corlies Ave. Turn slight right onto W Sylvania Ave/CR-17. Turn slight right onto Route 35 South. Turn slight left to take the ramp toward Avon. Turn slight right onto Sylvania Ave. Turn right onto Main Street, NJ-71. End at 301 Main Street.

From the South: Take the Garden State Parkway North to exit 98 toward Belmar/Wall/Spring Lake. Merge onto Route 35 North. Turn right onto 8th Ave, NJ 71. Turn left onto Main Street, NJ 71. End at 301 Main Street.

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For further information on Avon-By-The-Sea, please consult its website at www.avon-by-the-sea.com.