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Aerial photograph of Roselle Municipal Court.

Roselle New Jersey is a much busier than you might imagine in terms of DWI charges. The Borough may be limited in size at 2.66 square miles but that sure is not reflected in the number of motorists charged with DUI. Individuals are arrested several times every week on Walnut Street, Third Avenue or elsewhere in this Union County municipality. We assume that you are someone who had this misfortune given that you are researching Roselle DWI Attorneys. The biggest point we can make is that while you certainly have valid defenses to avoid a N.J.S.A. 39:4-50 conviction, plea bargaining is not one of them. You will have to persuade the judge in Roselle that the case against you is lacking based on a legitimate legal issue. It is illegal for the court to dismiss the offense on any other basis. Selection of a qualified as opposed to “connected” lawyer is therefore the imperative if you are interested in escaping the mandatory penalties.

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We have the qualification required to successfully defend your Roselle DUI. In addition to being the largest NJ DWI Defense Firm, we offer representation from a team of former prosecutors and skilled attorneys with over 100 years of experience. The training of our staff is also significant with Jonathan Marshall, Colin Bonus and William Proetta all have dual certification on the Alcotest and as instructors in Field Sobriety Testing. The state has less than ten lawyers who have attained these designations despite the fact that these two disciplines are the primary mechanisms for proving intoxication. To speak to an attorney immediately, call our Cranford Office for a free consultation at 908-272-1700.

Roselle Municipal Court DUI Offense

Roselle Municipal Court has jurisdiction to decide all disorderly persons offenses, traffic tickets and DWI violations issued within its borders. The only exception is where a 39:4-50 summons is written in conjunction with an indictable criminal charge. The matter must be sent to the Union County Superior Court when this is the situation. Assuming that your offense does not involve a crime of the first, second or third degree, it will be decided in the municipal court located at 210 Chestnut Street, Roselle, NJ. Daily operation of the court is the responsibility of its Administrator, Vivian Hoff. The court is available from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. for walk up inquiries and by telephone at 908-259-3040. All decision-making in your case will rest with Honorable Carl L. Marshall, the municipal court judge. Court sessions are convened twice a week on Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. and Thursday at 5:00 p.m. An interactive google map has been provided below for assistance in securing directions to the court.

Roselle DUI Lawyer

We cannot stress enough the importance of hiring an attorney with the necessary skill and commitment to your case. It is too often the situation that someone selects their counsel only to find out that follow through is lacking. The truth is that attorneys are not required in a DWI case and that you probably can get the minimum penalties without representation. You are hiring a DUI lawyer with your hard earned money because you hope to secure a result better than this and you deserve nothing less. Our attorneys are prepared to invest their time and unique qualifications to do whatever is possible to help you. Consultations are free by calling us at 908-272-1700.