Fourth Degree Shoplifting in NJ

4th Degree Shoplifting NJ4th Degree Shoplifting NJA pedigree of shoplifting frequently charged in NJ is Fourth Degree. If you were arrested for a fourth degree shoplifting offense, our law firm is prepared to assist you. We feature a staff of defense lawyers that includes a former prosecutor in New Jersey and a team that possesses over forty years experience defending individuals in this state. Do not expose yourself to unreasonable risk by attempting to address your charges without the benefit of an experienced attorney. A lawyer is available to assist you immediately at 1-877-450-8377.

Fourth Degree Shoplifting Law

Pursuant to N.J.S.A. it is a fourth degree crime to shoplift merchandise with a value of between $200 and $500. This offense is a felony under NJ law and results in a criminal record upon conviction. A fourth degree shoplifting charge may be downgraded by a prosecutor and remanded provided the suspect does not have an extensive prior shoplifting record (i.e. two or more prior shoplift convictions). Where such a prior record exists, a fourth degree cannot be downgraded to misdemeanor shoplifting.

Penalties for Fourth Degree Shoplifting

A conviction for fourth degree shoplifting exposes an individual to up to 18 months of imprisonment. A fine in the amount of up to $10,000 may also be imposed. An individual must also serve at least 10 days of community service for a first offense, 15 days for a second offense, and 25 days for a third or subsequent offense.

It should be apparent that you face serious repercussions if you are convicted of fourth degree shoplifting. It is therefore in your best interests to seek the assistance of a knowledgeable shoplifting lawyer. Our attorneys are here to assist you in this regard. An attorney is accessible 24/7 at 1-877-450-8301.