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Our Law Firm Defends Juveniles Charged With Drug Possession, CDS Distribution, Assault, Robbery, Burglary, Sexual Assault & Other Offenses in Hamilton, Egg Harbor, Galloway, Atlantic City, Mays Landing, Pleasantville & Elsewhere In Atlantic County

Atlantic County Juvenile Defense Attorney for children who have been charged with criminal offenses in Atlantic City, Galloway, Egg Harbor Township, Hamilton, Hammonton and other area towns.There are countless juveniles arrested in Atlantic County annually and every one of them is required to be represented by an attorney when they appear at the Superior Court in Atlantic City. There is no discretion on the part of a parent to decide whether or not to hire a defense lawyer since New Jersey law mandates representation of a minor throughout their criminal proceedings. Hiring the very best criminal attorneys you can find to represent your son or daughter because they were charged in Hamilton, Egg Harbor. Galloway, Pleasantville, Atlantic City or another Atlantic County municipality is therefore extremely important.

Highly Skilled Former Prosecutors That Will Provide Your Juvenile With The Protect They Deserve

We are the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, a criminal defense firm that is one of the largest in the entire state. Most of the lawyers on our team are former prosecutors and includes a Former Juvenile Division Director at the Prosecutor’s Office. We also have over 150 years of combined experience to invest into your child’s case so that the right result is achieved. Lawyers at our firm are available 24/7 to discuss the charge filed against your son or daughter, including one involving the following charges:

Call our Mays Landing Office just down the street from the Atlantic County Criminal Division at (609) 616-0020 for immediate assistance. An attorney is ready to conduct a thorough review of your Atlantic County juvenile case.

Common Questions In Atlantic County Juvenile Criminal Cases

There are many questions that parents often have after their minor child is charged with a criminal offense. The following are some of the more common ones that are posed to our Atlantic County criminal attorneys.

Where With The Juvenile Case Be Heard? Juvenile delinquency cases are heard in family court as opposed to criminal court. Accordingly, your son or daughter’s charge will be directed to the Atlantic County Superior Court, Family Division, for resolution. A judge, without assistance of a jury, is responsible for deciding all issues of fact and law in the case.

Am I Required To Hire An Attorney? Yes, you are required to hire a lawyer for your child unless you qualify for a public defender because your income is too low.

Is There A Different Burden Of Proof Than In An Adult Case? No, the same standard of proof applies in Juvenile Court. The prosecutor must prove each and every element of the criminal offense beyond reasonable doubt.

Will My Child Have A Criminal Record If He/She Is Convicted? No, all proceedings in juvenile cases are closed and recorded outside public channels. Whatever happens in the case, including any record of conviction, is not accessible to employers or other third parties.

What Are The Potential Penalties That May Be Imposed In Juvenile Court? The penalties are less severe in juvenile court because the goal of the system is rehabilitation. Nonetheless, a minor may be sentenced to juvenile detention in this context. The maximum term of confinement in juvenile detention facility is 4 years for a first degree crime, 3 years for a second degree crime, 2 years for a third degree crime, one year for a fourth degree crime and 6 months for a disorderly persons offense.

Can My Child Avoid Punishment Because He/She Is A First Time Offender? It is possible to obtain a “deferred disposition”. This relief is akin to Pretrial Intervention except that the supervising entity is you as the parent(s) of the juvenile. Provided there are no new arrests or issues that you report, the offense is dismissed upon completion of the deferred disposition period.

Are There Situations Where A Juvenile Can Be Tried As An Adult? Yes, a child may be waived up to adult court under certain circumstances depending on their age and other factors. All of the protections afforded by the juvenile justice system are lost when someone is referred to adult court.

Atlantic County Juvenile Criminal Attorney

It is very intimidating when a child is arrested by the police in Atlantic City, Egg Harbor Township, Somers Point, Hammonton or another town. The aftermath doesn’t need to be as difficult as you might think if you speak to an attorney to learn just how the process works. Here at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, our staff of accomplished juvenile defense lawyers have handled hundreds, if not thousands, of criminal cases involving children. We know the system and the best approach for helping a child avoid life changing consequences resulting from their being charged with a drug, assault, sex, weapon or other type of offense. If you would like to obtain a free no obligation consultation with a lawyer that can answer all of your questions, call (609) 616-0020. Lawyers are ready to take your call around the clock.