Crack Cocaine, Heroin & Marijuana Being Sold in Hoboken Strip Mall

Crack Cocaine, Heroin & Marijuana Being Sold in Hoboken Strip Mall

Heroin, Cocaine & Marijuana Being Sold out of Strip Mall in Hoboken NJ

A two month long investigation which originated as a result of various complaints being made about drug dealers conducting business blatantly in front of restaurants and store fronts inside a strip mall in Hoboken finally came to an end Friday. Based on their investigation, the Hoboken police were able to dismantle what appears to be a very lucrative drug distribution ring in Hoboken. According to the reports released thus far, they have arrested and charged eighteen individuals with various drug related offense, of most significance, distribution of marijuana, distribution heroin and distribution of crack cocaine. The first of the eighteen arrests came on Wednesday, when they arrested a twenty-three year old Clinton Street resident and discovered marijuana, heroin and approximately $30,000 in cash.

In addition, it appears that this wasn’t an operation run by one individual. It was more of an area that became known as a “drug market” wherein which individuals could purchase various types of drugs from various dealers. What makes this situation even stranger was the fact that their appeared to be no competition between the different dealers. Most of the individuals were taken to the Hudson County Jail which is located in Kearny, New Jersey. The bails range any where from $1250,000 cash only to ROR status. Their first court appearance will be the Central Judicial Processing Hearing which is held at the Hudson County Superior Courthouse in Jersey City.

Cocaine Distribution Defense Lawyers in Hoboken NJ

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