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Shrewsbury Lawyer: Drug Possession in a Car

Under New Jersey law, no operator of a motor vehicle is allowed to knowingly possess any dangerous controlled substance. If you are pulled over by a police officer or highway patrol officer and drugs are found in your car, you will face criminal charges of drug possession. In addition to the criminal charges, the traffic laws add a penalty of $50 and a 2-year suspension of driving privileges. Possession of drugs in a car is a serious charge and deserves a thorough and thoughtful defense in both criminal court and traffic court.

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Driving while in possession of drugs: defense strategies

Before determining how to proceed, our lawyer will consider all elements of the case with you. Important issues are the State’s ability to demonstrate that you knew the drugs were in the car, and the question of whether you were actually the operator. Our attorney will also see that any criminal charges for drug possession are defended properly, and that the two cases are handled so as to obtain the most favorable outcome in both.

Our lawyers are prepared to defend clients against all drug-related charges, including possession or distribution of marijuana, cocaine, narcotics such as heroin and methadone, and unauthorized prescription drugs.

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