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Although Palmyra is only approximately 2.5 square miles, it is seventh most densely populated town in Burlington County and this translates into a fair share of criminal and DUI arrests. The police in the borough routinely issue in excess of 5,000 traffic violations and 50 DWI summonses in a given year. It also is not unusual for the total criminal complaints, including indictables and disorderly persons offenses, to approach 1,500. This is more than a sizable amount of filings to be processed by the Palmyra Municipal Court, especially for a municipality of about 7,398 residents. If you were arrested in the Borough of Palmyra for any type of offense, call our defense firm to speak to an experienced attorney. One of the lawyers at our office, possibly one of our several former prosecutors, will review the parameters of your charge and formulate a plan to reach the best resolution in your case. An attorney is available for free consultation immediately at 856-234-8900.

Palmyra Municipal Court Information

Palmyra Municipal BuildingAddress: 20 West Broad Street, Palmyra, NJ 08065
Telephone Number: 856-829-1763
Judge: Honorable Corey Ahart, JMC
Court Administrator: Tracey McGill, CMCA
Prosecutor: Dean Buono, Esq.
Public Defender: James Fattorini, Esq.
Court Session: 2nd & 4th Thursday at 8:30 a.m.
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Arrests in Palmyra New Jersey

The New Jersey Administrative Office of the Court publishes statistics on filings for each municipal court in the state. For the year ending June 2014, Palmyra Borough reported a total of 1,367 criminal complaints, including 625 disorderly persons offenses for violations like simple assault, drug paraphernalia possession, marijuana charges, and disorderly conduct. Another 4,945 in moving traffic offenses were filed, along with 70 DWI related cases (e.g. driving while intoxicated, breath test refusal, and driving under the influence of drugs). There were 234 felony complaints filed in the borough during this same period. What we are referring to here are first, second, third and fourth degree crimes. Jurisdiction to handle indictable charges like these rests with the County Superior Court in Mount Holly NJ.

Palmyra Defense Attorney

If you were charged with a criminal offense, DWI, or serious motor vehicle violation in Palmyra, you need to consider your options. You obviously have the right to plead guilty but that will probably result in significant ramifications financially and in other respects. Most disorderly persons offenses and traffic tickets for driving while suspended, without insurance or another serious infraction, result in hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in financial consequences. You will also have a criminal record and face the potential of incarceration. In fact, most municipal court criminal offenses can trigger a maximum jail sentence of 6 months. It is certainly in your best interests to discuss your charge with an attorney in view of the effect it can have on your future. The lawyers at our criminal firm are available for a free consultation to discuss your Palmyra matter. Attorneys are available 24/7 at 856-234-8900.