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The New Jersey Criminal Code identifies over 50 crimes as theft or fraud offenses. Basically, if the act you are accused of involves the transfer of property without permission or through coercion or fraud, you will likely be facing some type of theft or fraud charge. A conviction can carry some hefty penalties, from costly fines to prison time. Additionally, a theft charge on your record can wreak havoc with your reputation, affecting employment opportunities and advancement, educational pursuits, your standing in the community and so much more. If you are dealing with this situation in Camden, let the criminal defense attorneys of Jonathan F. Marshall Criminal Defense Firm come to your aid. We will work tirelessly to turn things around and protect your future.

Theft & Fraud Law in Camden County, New Jersey

The degree and manner of offense for theft and fraud are tied largely to the monetary value of the stolen property or service, though other factors can contribute as well. Most theft charges are second, third or fourth-degree offenses. When the value is less than $200, the charge is a disorderly person offense. A fourth-degree offense is charged for stolen value between $200 and $500. A third-degree offense applies for values between $500 and $75,000. And you would be facing a second-degree offense if you steal over $75,000 in value. A comprehensive list of theft and fraud charges would be lengthy indeed, but the following violations are a few of the more common offenses in Camden, New Jersey.

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Facing theft and fraud charges in Camden on your own is a bad idea. At Jonathan F. Marshall Criminal Defense Firm, our seasoned criminal defense attorneys have significant experience defending against criminal charges, including theft and fraud offenses of all degrees. We have former county and municipal prosecutors on our legal team, applying their pertinent and insightful knowledge to help strategize more effectively.

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