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A combination of alcohol and poor judgment can turn a verbal argument into a physical confrontation that results in an aggravated assault charge in Secaucus. There are obviously plenty of other scenarios that can result in someone being charged with this offense as well. Irrespective of what led to your being arrested for aggravated assault, you are facing a serious criminal offense that New Jersey classifies as an indictable offense, the equivalent to a felony in other states. If the alleged victim was someone who falls under the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act, the incident has the potential to become even more complicated as the result of issuance of a restraining order. You should strongly consider retaining a skilled attorney if you are facing these or other issues involving an aggravated assault charge.

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Secaucus Aggravated Assault Offense

N.J.S.A. 2C:12-1(b) defines aggravated assault as causing or attempting to cause serious bodily injury to another person either purposely, knowingly, or recklessly with extreme indifference to human life. Serious bodily injury is an injury creating a substantial risk of death or that causes a person to suffer permanent disfigurement.

Use of a deadly weapon, which includes firearms, knives or even a box cutter or a rock, in a manner capable of causing serious injury or death, is another way for aggravated assault to arise. You can also be charged with aggravated assault even if the other person is not injured if you are in possession of a firearm; pointing a loaded or unloaded firearm at another person is violation of this law regardless of whether or not it causes injury.

N.J.S.A. 2C:12-1(b) also transforms a NJ simple assault charge into an aggravated assault when the victim has protected status under the law. More specifically, if the individual you are accused of assaulting is a police officer, firefighter, school teacher or administrator, bus driver or other occupation protected by the statute, the police may charge you with an indictable offense.

Penalties for an Aggravated Assault in Secaucus

Judges may impose severe and harsh penalties whether you plead guilty or are convicted for aggravated assault. The penalties depend upon the degree of the crime. Aggravated assault as a crime of the second degree is punishable by a minimum prison sentence of five years up to a maximum of 10 years and a fine of as much as $150,000. When charged as a crime of the third degree, you could be imprisoned for three to five years and fined as much as $15,000. Even if convicted of aggravated assault as a crime of the fourth degree, you still risk serving up to 18 months in state prison and being fined as much as $10,000.

A conviction for aggravated assault has consequences that last long after you serve out your sentence. Pleading guilty or being convicted after a trial gives you a permanent criminal record as a violent felon. A felony conviction could prevent you from getting a job, particularly one requiring a security clearance.

Your best chance of avoiding the penalties and stigma of a conviction requires the services of an aggressive and knowledgeable defense attorney capable of attacking the evidence police gathered. A statement you made to the police while trying to let them know your side of the story becomes prosecution evidence used against you unless you have a lawyer to challenge it.

Secaucus Aggravated Assault Criminal Defense Lawyer

A Hudson County aggravated assault attorney from the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall investigates to identify defenses, such as self-defense or improper questioning by the police, to use to attack prosecution version of the events. When you need a gifted criminal defense lawyer looking out for you, call us at any time of the day or night at 201-309-0500  for a free consultation with one of our defense attorneys.