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Interlaken is a quiet little Monmouth County borough that “flies under the radar” when it comes to Jersey Shore municipalities. It was carved out from Ocean Township in 1922 and a glance at any county map will confirm this. True to its name, Interlaken is nestled between two bodies of water, making it a picturesque place to raise a family. Despite this sheltered environment, even Interlaken needs a police force. The lawyers at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall know that even careful people do not always make wise decisions. Getting arrested or charged with criminal or motor vehicle offenses can have serious legal consequences. Each defense lawyer at our law offices is well-versed on all the charges available in Interlaken, like Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). Our criminal defenses attorneys have been doing this for years and know the intricacies of each municipal court system. One defense attorney here even worked as a prosecutor in several Monmouth County towns. If have been arrested and want to know what is required to dispose of the charges, give these offices a call today.

Interlaken Municipal Court

The kind of matters normally before Interlaken Municipal Court are less serious misdemeanor charges. However, there can be long term ramifications if you receive a conviction for a DWI, traffic violation, criminal offense, or a municipal ordinance violation. In addition to jail exposure and fines, your permanent record may take quite a hit. Employers are increasingly performing background checks, you do not want to jeopardize your future. Some of the more common offenses in charged in Interlaken may seem familiar to you. Interlaken’s offenses are DWI, DUI, Public Intoxication, Reckless Driving, Driving While License Revoked, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Criminal Mischief, Disorderly Conduct, Harassment, Possession of Drugs, including Marijuana, etc. If you think you were charged with one of these offenses, give our offices a phone call. Our criminal defense attorneys are up-to-date on all the Interlaken violations and charges. There is no charge for your first consultation.

The Interlaken Municipal Court is in Interlaken Boro. Hall, 100 Grassmere Ave., Interlaken, New Jersey 07712. The Court Administrator is Patricia Weaver and the Municipal Judge is the Hon. Michael J. Cernigliaro.

Directions to Interlaken Municipal Court

Directions to the Borough of Interlaken Municipal Court: take the GARDEN STATE PARKWAY to Exit 105. Then merge onto Rte. 36 E going towards EATONTOWN/LONG BRANCH/Rte. 35. Make the right at Rte. 71/MONMOUTH Rd. Make a right at MONMOUTH Rd/CR-15. Then go left at CR-15/GRASSMERE Ave. Stop at the INTERLAKEN Municipal Court.

If are a resident or visitor who got arrested in Interlaken or if you were charged under this borough’s Code, then it behooves you to hire a criminal defense lawyer. An attorney of ours can tell you whether you are facing a criminal or municipal offense, explain your charges and arrest fully, and answer any other questions.

Our criminal defense lawyers defend persons charged with criminal and traffic offenses in Interlaken Municipal Court at 100 Grassmere Avenue, Interlaken, NJ 07712, including those arrested for Harassment, Possession of Marijuana, Criminal Mischief, Driving While Intoxicated, Driving Under the Influence, Fighting, Assault, Driving an Unregistered Vehicle, Shoplifting, Criminal Mischief, Disorderly Conduct, Drunk in Public, Speeding, Careless Driving, etc. Our offices are located at 157 Broad Street, Red Bank, NJ 07701 and 216 N. Ave. East, Cranford, NJ 07016.