Cake Boss Fame Buddy Valastro Found Guilty As Charged

Cake Boss Fame Buddy Valastro Found Guilty As Charged

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) is a common charge imposed onto people who drive after consuming alcohol. Although it is not a crime, the infringement of this law is taken quite seriously. Bartolo Valastro, more commonly known as ‘Buddy’ from the show Cake Boss, was accused of DWI, to which he admitted on Monday.

Buddy admits that he shouldn’t have been driving after consuming, even a small amount of alcohol, as it’s against the law and that it could have been life-threatening for him as well as others. Consequently, his driving license has been suspended for a period of three months along with a compensation of $300 fine. Also, he will be required to be present at classes where potential risks of driving while drinking will be discussed.

Abreast the whole issue, Buddy admitted that he had not been in a condition to drive since he had consumed alcohol during a formal business dinner. He is indeed guilty and disappointed by his act and feels that he let down his fans that inspire to be like him.

He was caught by the police on November 13th, while driving his yellow corvette on the streets on Manhattan near 12.30am. When tested, the alcohol level in his body was 0.09, while New York’s legal limit is 0.08. Initially, Buddy denied the arrest stating that he cannot be arrested because he is the popularly known Cake Boss. TLC, the channel that airs Buddy’s show Cake Boss, refused to take the responsibility of his actions labeling them as his ‘personal matter’.

Buddy was found in a similar situation in July, when he was on his boat surrounded by fog while having a family dinner in New York Harbor. In the beginning, he navigated the route using GPS and Radar. However, in this case, when he realized that things are going out of hand, he had called for assistance.