More Theft Charges Issued in Hudson County NJ

More Theft Charges Issued in Hudson County NJ

Theft & Falsely Pretending to be a Police Officer Charges issued in North Bergen

It appears that a thirty (30) year old Plainfield native was able to convince an individual in North Bergen that he was in fact a police officer and that they needed to turn over the keys to his car. The Defendant is alleged to have approached an individual in North Bergen on May 9, 2015 and told them that he needed the keys to his 2014 Audi A7 immediately for official police use. Once the victim turned over the keys the Defendant left the scene in the victims vehicle. It is unclear at this point in time what the Defendant actually said to the victim to get him to turn over his keys, however, we do know that he did hold himself out as a police officer.

What is also unclear is how the Defendant was finally apprehended. With that being said, he did make his first appearance at the Hudson County Central Judicial Processing Court which is located in Jersey City last week. The Judge arraigned him on his charges, which included, unlawful taking of a means of conveyance, theft of moveable property, falsely presenting himself as a police officer and carrying out an illegal motor vehicle stop. The Judge set bail at $25,000 with a 10% option.

Theft Lawyers in North Bergen NJ

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