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It is hard to believe that this farmland suburb and “Best Place to Live” in Burlington has so many traffic offenses but the statistics for Chesterfield NJ do not lie. Thousands of motor vehicle violations were written last year by the eleven sworn police officers of the Chesterfield Police Department. There were also quite a few felony and disorderly persons offenses like marijuana possession, burglary, simple assault and harassment that were written. Filings for criminal and traffic complaints in Chesterfield are bound to grow even more in future years as a 560 acre community as Old York Village is under construction in the town. If you or a loved one is the subject of a criminal charge or traffic ticket in Chesterfield Township, our Burlington County defense firm is available to help you. We are are team of former prosecutors and experienced criminal lawyers that have decades of success. Our attorneys have handled literally thousands of cases involving both basic and complex offenses and are prepared to put their skills in action for you. For a free initial consultation, call our office at 856-234-8900.

Chesterfield Municipal Court Information

The Chestfield Municipal Court is actually located in Jacobstown. The address is 41 Schoolhouse Road, Jacobstown, New Jersey 08562. All scheduling, appearance, and other administrative issues are held by Rita R. Williams, the Administrator. Ms. Williams and the court can be reached during regular business hours at 609-758-2522. The Judge of the Chesterfield Municipal Court is Honorable Lois F. Downey. The court has merged with the North Hanover Municipal Court and all proceedings take place at that courthouse.

Criminal Arrests & Traffic Charges in Chesterfield NJ

The statistics for traffic and other offenses is somewhat surprising given the limited population in the town of about 7,699 residents. There were 2,948 summonses for moving traffic violations and one would have to believe that the biggest component involves non-residents passing through the town on the New Jersey Turnpike (a.k.a. Interstate 95), Route 528, Route 537, and Route 545. Common tickets are for speeding, driving while suspended, reckless driving, possession of CDS in a motor vehicle, and driving without insurance. The court also hears DWI, DUI and driving under the influence of drugs like marijuana and heroin cases. This is, however, a lower volume offense in Chesterfield as there were only 22 violations of this nature written over the 2013-14 court year. Disorderly persons offenses and indictable crimes totaled 179 and 85, respectively, over the same period.