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Although Eastampton was once the home to Indian tribes,  developers like US Homes have turned this farming town into a thriving community that now employees its own police department. The members of this force deal with not only minor traffic offenses but arrests for more serious offenses like possession of heroin, aggravated assault and other indictable crimes. Most of these charges arise in traffic stops along Monmouth Road/Route 537, Woodlane Road/Route 630, and Smithville Road/Route 684, although there are certainly many other scenarios for Eastampton criminal or motor vehicle violations. Irrespective of how you came to be charged in Eastampton, we can help you. Our defense firm, the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, has the ability to defuse just about any case whether it is being prosecuted in Eastampton or at the Superior Court of Burlington County. We have developed keen skills during our decades prosecuting and then strictly defending those accused of traffic offenses like DWI, along with almost any criminal offense on the books. Let our 8 defense attorneys assist you in avoiding the penalties that come with a conviction for the charge or summons you are facing. A lawyer is available to discuss the specifics of your case in a free consultation by calling 856-234-8900.

Eastampton Municipal Court

Most charges filed in Eastampton result in municipal court cases. These matters are no long handled at the Eastampton Municipal Court as services have been merged with Westampton Municipal Court. Its courtroom is located at 710 Rancocas Road, Westampton, New Jersey 08060. Office hours for the court are 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM Monday through Friday. Judge Rodney Thompson is responsible for all decisions in cases and Susan Graubart oversees daily administration of the court. This court has limited jurisdiction and lacks authority to deal with indictable crimes. These are offenses that are a first degree, second degree, third degree or fourth degree crime. Responsibility for deciding indictable felonies like these rests with the Burlington County Superior Court. Less severe criminal cases, those involving disorderly persons offenses like possession of drug paraphernalia, marijuana possession, and simple assault, are dealt with in Eastampton/Westampton Municipal Court. The same is true for motor vehicle and traffic offenses like driving while suspended or without insurance, reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident or possession of CDS in a motor vehicle.

Charges Issued in Easthampton New Jersey

The total number of criminal and traffic offenses issued in Eastampton are tracked by the New Jersey Administrative Office of the Courts. The statistics are probably higher than you might anticipate for a town that is still very much made up of farmland.  During the twelve month period reported for 2013-14, there were 3,129 moving traffic violations, 35 DWI arrests, 222 complaints charging individuals with disorderly persons offenses, and 131 indictable charges filed in Eastampton.

Eastampton Criminal Attorney

The statistics demonstrate that while Eastampton is a rural community, it does have quite a bit of police activity. Our firm is well aware of the reality of what this means as most of our attorneys are in municipal court or at the Superior Court just about every day. The array of charges you can find on our weekly calendar is almost endless. We have the skills necessary to handle just about any offense you might be facing. Call us at 856-234-8900 to discuss your Eastampton charge as the you have absolutely nothing to lose. The consultation with our lawyers is free.