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If you were arrested for any type of criminal or traffic offense in Medford NJ, our lawyer firm can assist you. Often times, an individual will think there is nothing that can be done following an arrest and that their only option is to plead guilty apologetically. This could not be further from reality as our attorneys are successful in many more cases than not in having a charge downgraded or even dismissed. The best way for you to help yourself if you have been charged with DWI, simple assault, possession of marijuana or another municipal court offense is to consult a skilled defense lawyer. This is exactly why you should call our Mt. Laurel criminal firm at 856-234-8900. The initial consultation is free of charge.

Medford Municipal Court Information

If you are facing a charge in Medford Municipal Court, there is some basic information you need to know. The first thing you should know is that the Township and Medford Lake each have their own court.

Medford Township. The Township Court is located at 17 North Main Street, Medford,  NJ 08055. Court sessions are conducted each month on the first Wednesday at 4:00 p.m., second Wednesday at 8:30 a.m., and the 3rd & 4th Thursday at 8:30 a.m. Honorable Peter C. Lange, Jr., is the judge. Stacy McBridge, CMCA, is the Court Administrator. Paul Dougherty serves as the municipal prosecutor. Ms. McBridge and the members of her court staff can be reached Monday through Friday during regular business hours at 609-654-8813.

Medford Lakes. The Medford Lakes Municipal Court is located at 1 Cabin Circle, Medford Lakes, NJ 08055. The personnel in this court are largely the same as the Township except that George Morris, Esq., is the prosecutor. There is one court session each month on the first Monday at 3:00 p.m.

Both of these court have limited jurisdiction. They cannot preside over indictable crimes which are measured in terms of first degree, second degree, third degree and fourth degree. Their authority extends to deciding disorderly persons offenses, municipal ordinance violations and traffic tickets.

Traffic & Criminal Filings in Medford NJ

The judiciary tracks traffic and criminal offenses filed in each municipality in the state. Medford Township definitely has a much higher number of cases. There were 256 indictable crimes, 448 disorderly persons offenses, 40 DWI, and 3,299 moving traffic violations filed during the July 2013 –  June 2014 term. Medford Lakes only had a total of 97 criminal filings over this period. There were, however, 1,041 moving traffic offenses including driving without insurance, while suspended, and reckless driving. The main highways for these violations were Route 541, Route 532, Route 70, and Tuckerton Road.

Medford NJ Criminal Attorney

As the fifth most populated town in Burlington County, you would expect its police to be involved in many arrests each year. The court calendar is exactly what you expect with almost 5,000 filings in the township last year alone. If you have a charge of any nature in Burlington Municipal Court or at the Burlington County Superior Court, we can help you. Our team of criminal lawyers is exactly what you need as we have decades of experience and a commit to making sure the very best resolution is achieved on your behalf. Call us anytime at 856-234-8900 to speak to an attorney immediately.