DWI Stop Based On Mobile Computer Lookup

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Given the ability to access online records through wireless modems, almost all police vehicles in New Jersey now possess mobile computer terminals that allow for roadside lookups. These terminals allow police to check Division of Motor Vehicle registration, insurance and driver’s license data. In fact, some police cars are now fitted with sensors which automatically scan the license plates of passing vehicles and sound an alarm if the credentials are out of order on the vehicle or the registered owner. If you were stopped because of a random license plate check and subsequently arrested for DWI in NJ, we can help you. We possess the largest driving while intoxicated defense team in the state of NJ and we also believe the collective credentials of our attorneys are second to none. We can be reached any time of day for a free consultation at 877-450-8301. We hope you find the information that follows of assistance.

Common Reasons for a Stop Based on Random Computer Lookup

You might be surprised as to just how many vehicles and/or drivers have invalid credentials. And this is precisely the reason why it is so prevalent for police to randomly run license plates and for police departments to purchase automatic scan sensors for patrol cars. Indeed, the police in New Jersey possess authority in accordance with State v. Donis to conduct random license plate lookups to inquire about the status of the owner’s driver’s license, whether the vehicle is stolen, and the status of the registration on the vehicle. Common issues that result in ensuing motor vehicle stops include:

  • Expired Registration
  • Plates Registered to Another Vehicle
  • Owner’s Driving Privileges Suspended or Revoked
  • Suspended Registration Because of Lapse or Cancellation of Insurance

It is clearly dangerous to operate a vehicle when the registration is invalid, plates are invalid, the insurance has lapsed or when the vehicle is registered to you and your license is suspended. Unlike years ago when police needed an independent offense for a DWI stop, you could be exposed to potential arrest just for operating in the vicinity of a patrol car. A police officer can run your plate or it may even be scanned automatically without you even knowing it.

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