Sandy Hook Criminal Charges

Attorneys With Decades Of Experience Defending Lewdness, CDS Possession, Disorderly Conduct, Theft & Other Offenses at Sandy Hook

Map of Sandy Hook depicting locations where someone can be arrested by park rangers for a criminal offense.A major segment of our criminal defense practice involves representation of clients charged with criminal offenses at Sandy Hook, including a large number of lewdness charges arising at Gunnison Beach.  Cases of this nature are significantly more complex because they fall under the jurisdiction of the United States National Parks Service. Someone arrested at the Sandy Hook unit of the Gateway National Recreation Area faces a federal criminal charge with special obstacles that do not arise in the typical Middletown New Jersey case. Representation by an attorney that is familiar with the federal court system in Newark, the curve balls posed with litigating these types of cases, and federal parks laws is imperative.

Our firm has been defending Sandy Hook criminal charges going back to the days when a separate federal courtroom was maintained a few miles from the park at Fort Monmouth in Oceanport. Our representation of individuals has continued for decades with countless stories of success having been achieved by the former prosecutors and highly accomplished attorneys at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall. Do not be mistaken into thinking that this is a routine misdemeanor criminal offense akin to a disorderly persons offense in municipal court. This is a violation prosecuted by the United States Attorney, presided over by a Federal Magistrate, and for which there there is no mechanism for expungement if you are convicted. The complexities of a Sandy Hook offense make it imperative that you hire the very best lawyer you can find.

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Charged With a Criminal Offense at Sandy Hook

There are any number of offenses that can result from a violation of the Code of Federal Regulation governing federal park lands. While the largest number of charges at Sandy Hook stem from allegations of Gunnison Beach lewd conduct, federal rangers have occasion to write many different criminal and serious traffic complaints, including:

  • Obstructing the Administration of Law
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Public Lewdness
  • Driving While Intoxicated (“DWI”)
  • Possession of Marijuana, Cocaine, Prescription Drugs & Other CDS
  • Trespass
  • Theft, including burglary
  • Handgun, Firearm & Other Weapon Violations

It is important that you appreciate the need for skilled representation by virtue of your having been charged with a federal criminal offense. The penalties that apply at the time of sentencing in United States District Court for the District of New Jersey are significant and there are special considerations that make a conviction for a Sandy Hook criminal charge particularly significant. The biggest consideration is that you will not, as previously stated, be able to expunge the record. Another factor is that you are exposed to a period of imprisonment where there is no early parole in the event that the judge decides to impose a custodial sentence. You need to therefore take your time to hire an attorney with real experience as opposed to one with a website filled with puffery and no genuine experience to back up the lofty representations.

Defense Attorneys for Criminal Charges at Gunnison Beach

Most of the criminal charges issued at Sandy Hook stem from conduct at Gunnison Beach. There are incidents of possession of marijuana, cocaine and other drugs. Theft and burglary charges are also something that arise on occasion. However, the highest volume of cases stem from some form of disorderly conduct or lewd behavior. Irrespective of the pedigree of offense that was filed against you by members of the federal parks service, the attorneys at our firm are prepared to put their 200 plus years of experience on the line so that you reach the very best result in court. A lawyer is ready to discuss your case if you contact our Newark Office or our Red Bank Office now for a consultation. Lawyers are available now to assist you at 877-450-8301.