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Kearny Criminal Lawyers For Cocaine Possession Charges

If you have been arrested for cocaine possession in Kearny New Jersey, you could go to prison for up to five years and be left with a permanent criminal record. The New Jersey criminal code makes possession of cocaine an indictable felony that impact your ability to obtain employment, renew your Green Card or Visa or obtain a professional license. Failure to obtain a downgrade, dismissal or Pretrial Intervention will also expose you to tens of thousands in fines and a driver’s license suspension that can reach two years. An attorney who is highly knowledgeable and skilled Kearny criminal defense attorney has the ability to avoid the penalties and consequences of a conviction.

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Cocaine Possession Offense in Kearny

N.J.S.A. 2C:35-10 defines cocaine possession as purposely or knowingly possessing or obtaining cocaine. The law allows police to arrest you for cocaine possession even if you do not have actual, physical possession of it. Constructive possession, which justifies an arrest by the police, occurs when there is evidence proving you were in a vehicle or other location where cocaine was found and that you knew it was present and intended to take control of it at a later time. Our criminal lawyers have an exceptional understanding of the cocaine possession law and of the legal defenses available to challenge the evidence against you so that you have every chance of escaping a conviction for a Kearny cocaine possession offense. For instance, the U.S. Constitution protects you against unreasonable searches and seizures by the police, so a search your car after they stopped it for a traffic violation could be unlawful unless there was probable cause for search. Our challenge to the use of any evidence seized in that search could result in a judge preventing its use by the prosecution.

Penalties for Possessing Cocaine

Possession of cocaine is a third degree crime under 2C:35-10. You should also know you can face a more complex criminal charge for possession with intent to distribute cocaine if the police and/or prosecutor believe that you were going to selling or convey this Schedule II CDS to another individual. Additional complications apply if possession occurred within 1,000 feet of school property (i.e. school zone).

The penalties for third degree possession include up to 5 years in prison, a $35,000 fine and driver’s license suspension of 6-24 months. If the offense occurred in a school zone, the judge could add 100 hours of community service to the sentence. As previously stated, the stakes are substantially enhanced if there are allegations that you intended to distribute the cocaine in your possession. N.J.S.A. 2C:35-5 imposes 5-10 years in prison for a second degree crime and 10-20 years in prison for a first degree crime for possession with intent to distribute cocaine.

Our primary defense focus is achieving a result that allows you to avoid a conviction for cocaine possession. We also have had success helping individuals charged with cocaine possession to avoid a conviction and the harsh penalties and criminal record associated with it through pretrial intervention programs that allow you to avoid a trial. An attorney will review the eligibility requirements with you.

Kearny Cocaine Possession Defense Attorney

The first thing you will notice upon speaking with one of the lawyers at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall is that our team is well versed and skilled in defending cocaine charges. You will also be given the time to fully discuss your case with a knowledgeable lawyer with the answers and insight you need in this challenging time. Call us now at (201) 309-0500 for a free consultation with one of our defense attorneys at any time of the day or night.