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Our statewide DWI defense practice is well acquainted with the Plainsboro police force and the Plainsboro Municipal Court. Indeed, our services tend to be sought after by those charged or arrested with alcohol related offenses like drunk driving, breath test refusal, and DUI in Plainsboro. We may be the only firm in the state where all 3 defense attorneys are certified in both proper administration of Standardized Field Sobriety Tests by the National Transportation Safety Administration and also certified in proper operation of the Alcotest Breath Test device by its manufacturer (only approximately 50 lawyers hold this certification). Our Middlesex County DWI attorneys obviously possess significant knowledge and skill in handling DWI and are therefore frequently called upon to defend those arrested in Plainsboro. Initial consultations with an attorney from our firm are always free of charge. You may also reach a lawyer 24/7 at 1-877-450-8301.

The Township of Plainsboro is a rural community that has experienced considerable development over the last 10 years. This development has also brought a build up in Plainsboro’s police force and commensurate growth in the issuance of summonses for DWI. Plainsboro Township is located in the southwest corner of Middlesex County. The main roadways for DWI stops are US Highway Route 1, Plainsboro Road, and Scudders Mill Road. The Plainsboro Police Department is a small but busy department that prides themselves on aggressive law enforcement and therefore Plainsboro does well over 100 DWI cases each year

Plainsboro Court Information:

Township of Plainsboro
641 Plainsboro Road
Plainsboro, New Jersey 08536

Directions to Plainsboro Municipal Court

From New Jersey Turnpike: Take Exit 7 and proceed onto US Route 206 toward Trenton/Bordentown; turn left at Dunns Mill Road (0.9 miles); Turn right at US Route 130 (0.1 miles); merge onto I-295 North – Trenton (10.9 miles); proceed off Exhibit 67 and merge onto Brunswick Avenue/US Highway 1 toward New Brunswick (5.8 miles); exit onto Scudders Mill Road (2.2 miles); turn right on Dey Road and you will intersect Plainsboro Road where the Municipal Court shall be directly ahead of you.

From US Highway 1: Proceed as specified in previously from Brunswick Avenue/US Highway 1.

From State Highway 18: Exit onto Cranbury Road and proceed to River Road where the roads merge (4.1 miles); turn right on Forsgate Drive/Route 32 (0.8 miles); turn left onto US Highway 130 (1.6 miles); turn right onto Dey Road (4.4 miles); you will run into Plainsboro Road and the Court House shall be directly ahead of you.