Mortgage Fraud

Protecting Your Interests in Mortgage Fraud Cases

The subprime mortgage crisis of 2007-08 has had many consequences throughout the economy and our society. In our line of work, we see that the loss of billions through irresponsible lending and investment practices has energized prosecutors to find criminal scapegoats wherever they can. If you have been caught up in a prosecution for mortgage fraud, contact a criminal defense attorney at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall.

We represent clients accused of state or federal crimes or bank fraud charges related to a single real estate transaction or a pattern of doing business. Because a complex mortgage fraud investigation can sweep up just about anyone connected with the real estate industry, our lawyers are prepared to represent individuals or companies charged with such involvement as the following:

  • Making false statements on a mortgage loan or refinancing application
  • Serving as a “straw buyer” in a mortgage flipping or churning scheme
  • Providing false or inflated appraisals as to property value

  • Violating state or federal disclosure requirements by real estate brokers, mortgage lenders, or closing agents
  • Making false statements on a title insurance or mortgage insurance application
  • Engaging in so-called predatory lending practices

The most complex mortgage fraud cases will be investigated and charged by federal authorities following long-term investigations that grow as they continue. Dozens of individuals can be named in a single indictment. Our experience with the defense of white collar crime charges and our attention to detail can help turn the complexity of the government’s case to your advantage.

Our lawyers make the presumption of innocence work in your favor

We understand that the more moving parts there are in the government’s case, the more likely it might be that the chain of evidence essential to convicting you has a fatal weakness. We protect your presumption of innocence by finding and exploiting that weakness in the evidence, whatever it might be: confusion as to the true meaning of a question on a loan form, credibility problems with a key government witness, or lack of authority on the part of another to turn important documentation over to the government.

Our essential job in a mortgage fraud case is to protect and expand your options until the charges can be defeated or a satisfactory resolution can be negotiated with the government. Our strategic options will be dictated by the facts of the case, the evidence against you and our ability to attack the most damaging aspects of the government’s case. To learn more about our ability to represent your interests effectively, contact the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall in Shrewsbury, Cranford or four other New Jersey locations.