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Mullica is a township in Atlantic County, New Jersey that has a small population that floats around 6,000 full-time residents. While the town itself is small in numbers, the township’s area is actually in excess of 56 square miles. It is because of the town’s large size geographically that the municipal court handles over 2,000 traffic tickets per year. That is an astounding number considering that the town only has about 6,00 residents. Moreover, the town has seen over 900 criminal complaints, felonies and misdemeanors, filed in the last two years alone. Between local residents and out-of-town travelers using roads like Route 30, the Mullica Township Municipal Court is constantly busy. At the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, we represent clients charged with indictable and non-indictable criminal charges as well as certain traffic violations in Mullica Township, New Jersey, such as shoplifting, simple assault, DWI, marijuana possession, trespassing, eluding, and harassment. Our criminal attorneys have a wealth of experience in both prosecuting and defending municipal court charges. We can help ease any concerns or anxieties you may be experiencing as a result of your criminal or traffic violations If you would like to speak with one of our readily accessible Mullica Township lawyers, then contact our office today for a free initial consultation. We will address any questions you may have about the status of your case and how we can help you get it resolved in a beneficial manner.

Mullica Court Hours of Operation

The Mullica Municipal Court handles criminal matters, known as disorderly persons offenses and petty disorderly persons offenses, as well as traffic summonses (DWI, Driving While Suspended, Speeding, etc.) and municipal ordinances. The Mullica Municipal Court is located at 4528 White Horse Pike, Elwood, NJ 08217. The Mullica Municipal Court maintains normal business hours weekdays but the court only holds sessions on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 9:00 A.M. The Mullica Municipal Judge is the Honorable Carol Goloff. The Court Administrator is Eunice Aguina and she can be reached by phone at (609) 561-6696 ext. 113, or email at Alternatively, the Deputy Court Administrator is Kimberly Trivelli and she may be reached at (609) 561-6696 ext. 112 or at The court can also be reached for questions or adjournments at (609) 561-6696 or can be contacted by facsimile at (609) 561-3031. Whether you have an attorney or you are unrepresented, you should be prepared to pay any fines or surcharges the day you are set to appear in court so as to avoid missed payments and a potential bench warrant. If you have been charged with a felony indictable offense such as cocaine possession, burglary, heroin distribution or aggravated assault, then your case will be transferred to the Atlantic County Superior Courthouse in Mays Landing.

Mullica Township NJ Marijuana Defense Lawyers

In addition to the thousands of motor vehicle tickets issued in Mullica each year, there are also numerous drug-related charges, specifically involving marijuana possession, drug paraphernalia possession, and CDS in a motor vehicle. Our firm frequently handles cases that started out as a speeding ticket or a careless driving ticket and resulted in a search of your car and charges for marijuana possession. Beyond the likelihood of losing your license for that type of an offense, you are also facing heavy fines, probation, and even the possibility of jail in some instances. At the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall we pay great care and attention to drug-related cases at the Mullica Municipal Court. We make it our directive to protect your constitutional rights by utilizing a combination of aggressive motion practice as well skillful negotiation skills. Our track record proves that these tactics can be effective in obtaining a positive result in your case, specifically by either having your charges downgraded or dismissed. If you would like to discuss the details and possible outcomes of your criminal or traffic matter in further detail with a Mullica criminal attorney, then contact us today.