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Former County Sex Crimes Prosecutors & Certified Criminal Trial Attorneys With Over 200 Years Combined Experience Are Available At Our Camden NJ Law Firm To Assist You

The designation of Sex Offender or Sexual Predator is for life. If you are facing investigation or arrest for an alleged sex crime in Camden, you need the immediate legal counsel of a skilled, experienced sex crimes defense firm who believes in your innocence and is dedicated to fighting for your rights. The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall is that firm. The sad but true fact is that many sex crimes charges evolve from a desire for revenge motivated by anger, impulse, jealousy and often the desire to manipulate a custody case. In other situations, a sincere error is a culprit when someone mistakenly identifies you as a perpetrator. Shoddy police work and an overzealous prosecutor can compound any of these problems. Our firm is adept at overcoming these false allegations and providing aggressive defense services with compassion and respect.

The attorneys on our defense team have outstanding credentials that are truly rare. Some of our unique characteristics to ensure your success include:

  • Over 200 years of combined experience defending sex crimes
  • 10 lawyers who specialize in defense
  • Former county prosecutors who have handled many sexual assault, sexual contact, luring, child pornography and similar charges
  • Certified criminal trial attorneys on staff
  • A long track record of favorable outcomes in sex cases

If you were charged with a sex crime or your loved one was arrested for this type of offense, a lawyer at our firm is ready to assist you. We are available 24/7 to discuss your case in a free consultation, including how we can help prepare for an initial appearance or detention hearing. Contact our Camden Office at (856) 288-3350 to speak to an attorney now.

Sex Crimes in Camden County, New Jersey

In Camden County, New Jersey and throughout the U.S., crimes cover a wide range of criminal offenses. The common factor is a violation of social taboos or acts with a sexual connotation. Some of these offenses are less intrusive, like indecent exposure or public lewdness, while others are more commonly perceived as sex crimes, like rape and sexual assault of a child. Being accused of a sex crime carries a stigma that causes shame and embarrassment. A conviction has lifelong consequences including registration with the New Jersey Sex Offender Registry in accordance with Megan’s Law.

The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall is experienced in defending against all manner of sex crimes charges to include the following:

About The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall

If you find yourself in this wretched situation, it is crucial that you choose a criminal defense lawyer who is familiar with sex crimes charges and how New Jersey prosecutors put together these cases. The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall has a combined total of more than 200 years of experience to draw upon. Our team of seasoned criminal defense attorneys includes former prosecutors, judicial law clerks, and a Police Academy Instructor. Our managing partner Jonathan Marshall has worked in the criminal law area for two decades, and his knowledge and experience has led to consulting for newspapers, such as the Starledger, and television, to include Law & Order. Our background provides valuable insight and assists our lawyers in recognizing contradictions and weaknesses in the prosecution’s case that we use to devise winning defense strategies for your sex crimes charges.

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