New Jersey DWI Consequences

A DWI conviction has the potential for penalties such as the loss of your license, fines and jail time. It also can have wider-ranging effects on your life, including your insurance rates and your career. These are serious consequences for one mistake.

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License Suspensions and Revocations

For many people, one of the most significant consequences of a DWI conviction is a driver’s license suspension. The length of your suspension will depend on factors such as whether this is a first, second or subsequent offense. We can help you with a temporary license and restoring your driving privileges when your suspension has ended.

Costs of DWI

A DWI can be expensive. If you are convicted, you will face:

  • Insurance rates: You can expect your automobile insurer to raise your rates — or even drop your coverage.
  • Motor vehicle surchargeYou may have to pay a $3,000 surcharge to the New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles.
  • FinesThe court may fine you. The amount may vary by the level of the offense.
  • Other fees: You may have to pay license reinstatement and other fees.

When you meet with us, we can explain the potential costs associated with a DWI in more detail.

Impact on Careers

If you are required to drive for your job or profession, a DWI can have a devastating effect. People who hold commercial driver’s licenses may suffer severe consequences. Employees who work in outside sales and a variety of other occupations may suffer a negative impact not only because they are unable to drive while their license is suspended, but their company’s insurance carrier may be unwilling to cover them.

Help With NJ DWI Consequences

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