New Jersey DWI Lawyers - Third Offense DWI

Protecting Your Rights After a Third DWI

If you are facing a third or subsequent DWI charge, you are facing significantly higher consequences than for previous drunk driving charges. An experienced attorney for 3rd offense DWI in New Jersey can help you reduce or eliminate the consequences of a subsequent DWI arrest.

At the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, you will find a team of attorneys who defend clients facing multiple DWIs in New Jersey. We have more than 100 years of combined experience, and lawyers who served as prosecutors in municipalities across New Jersey. We are certified operators of breath test machines, trained in field sobriety testing, and are ready to defend your rights after a DWI arrest.

NJ Penalties for Third Offense DWI Are Harsh

An aggressive, knowledgeable defense is particularly important after an arrest for a third or subsequent DWI offense. A third offense comes with significant penalties, including 100 days of mandatory jail time and a 10-year loss of your license.

In New Jersey, prosecutors are prohibited from offering plea bargains in DWI cases. That means that if you are charged and convicted of a third or subsequent DWI, you must serve time in jail. An experienced, knowledgeable defense attorney, however, may be able to help you.

New Jersey Repeat Offender DWI Attorney

When you come to the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall you will reap the benefits of a team of DWI lawyers who take your charges as seriously as you do. For a third or subsequent offense, we will strive to help you defeat the charges outright, or find a way to treat the case as a lower level of the penalty. We may:

  • Review your previous DWIs to determine whether we can vacate a guilty plea or modify a judgment through a motion for post-conviction relief of the DWI. If successful, your current DWI charge would be treated as a lesser charge — meaning lesser penalties.
  • Review your case to determine if you are entitled to a DWI Step-Down to have your third offense handled as a second offense DWI.
  • Review your case for other potential defenses. For example, we may be able to challenge your stop, challenge your breath test or field sobriety tests, or use another defense to secure reduced consequences or an acquittal.

Contact us today for a free initial consultation. With nine offices throughout the state, we have a location near you and an attorney who is familiar with your area and your local court system. Reach us online at 877-450-8301. Se habla español.

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