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Criminal Charges in Middlesex County

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Our law firm, the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall represents individuals accused of criminal offenses in Middlesex County. In fact, our Middlesex County law office is located just across the street from the Middlesex County Superior Court at 75 Paterson Street, New Brunswick, NJ. Our criminal defense attorneys represents individuals in a wide variety of cases including, but not limited to: (1) Drug Possession & Drug Distribution, including Prescription Drugs, Cocaine & Marijuana; (2) Assault Crimes, including Aggravated Assault, Simple Assault, and Domestic Violence; (3) Theft Crimes, including Theft by Deception, Burglary, and Bad Checks; (4) Juvenile Offenses & Juvenile Complaints; and (4) all other Superior Court & Municipal Court criminal offenses. If you require representation for a criminal offense in Middlesex County New Jersey, the attorneys at our law firm are available for a free initial consultation at 877-450-8301. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a question regarding a case or want to schedule an appointment with a lawyer. We also encourage you to consult our practice area pages for additional information concerning particular criminal offenses.

Non-Indictable Criminal Offenses in Middesex County

Municipal Court Offenses

Non-indictable criminal charges, typically disorderly persons offenses, and ordinance violations are handled in Municipal Court. While a crime of this nature is categorized as a misdemeanor, we recommend that individuals consult an attorney when they have been the subject of an arrest or charge for one of these offenses as the penalties can be serious. The disorderly persons offenses handling in Monmouth County Municipal Courts include the following:

While a conviction for a charge of this nature typically involves a misdemeanor, a finding of guilt can carry up to six (6) months of jail. It is always wise in our judgment to consult an attorney when you are the subject of a criminal complaint in Municipal Court. The following municipalities in Middlesex County maintain individual Courts of limited jurisdiction to hear these types of case: Carteret, Cranbury, Dunellan, East Brunswick, Edison, Jamesburg, Metuchen, Milltown, Monroe, Middlesex Boro, New Brunswick, North Brunswick, Old Bridge, Perth Amboy, Piscataway, Plainsboro, Sayreville, South Amboy, South Brunswick, South Plainfield, South River, Spotswood, Woodbridge, Highland Park, Helmetta. If you have received a criminal complaint in one of these Courts, our lawyers have the ability to competently defend you such that your rights are properly protected. Contact our office for a free initial consultation

Indictable Criminal Charges in Middlesex County Superior Court

Felony Offenses

Individuals charged with First Degree, Second Degree, Third Degree & Fourth Degree crimes have their cases heard at the Superior Court. A wide range of criminal charges fall within this grading and our law firm offers representation at all stages of these cases including arrest, pre-indictment, grand jury, indictment, bail proceedings and bail reduction, pre-arraignment, arraignment, suppression hearings and other pretrial proceedings, discovery, trial and appeal. If an individual is indicted, his case is heard at the trial court level of the Superior Court, Middlesex County, and managed by the particular Judge who is assigned the case. Our attorneys handle applications for Pretrial Intervention (PTI), Drug Court, and bail assistance in Union County including bail reduction and motions to reduce bail, securing bail and/or bond, and the release of individuals on bail. The Middlesex County Courthouse is located at 56 Paterson St., New Bruswick, New Jersey, and the main telephone number is 732-981-3200. Additional information concerning the Court can be found at its website at http://www.judiciary.state.nj.us/middlesex/index.htm. The government is represented in criminal cases by the Middlesex County Prosecutors’ Office and its website can be found at http://www.co.middlesex.nj.us/prosecutor/index.asp for additional information. The following is relevant contact information for the Criminal Division of Middlesex County:

  • Middlesex County Criminal Case Management
    14 Kirkpatrick Street
    FAX 732-981-3276
    P.O. Box 2661
    New Brunswick, N.J. 08903
    Tel. 732-981-2116/2117
    FAX: 732-981-2080
  • Middlesex County Criminal Records
    Criminal Records
    PO Box 964
    Middlesex County Courthouse (basement level)
    56 Paterson St. New Brunswick, N.J. 08903
    Tel. 732-981-3129/3128
    FAX: 732-981-3276
  • Middlesex County Bail Unit
    Route 130, North Brunswick, N.J. 08902
    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2661 New Brunswick, N.J. 08903
    Tel. 732-398-2530
    FAX: 732-398-8849

Directions to the Superior Court of Middlesex County

  • From the New Jersey Turnpike: Take Exit 9 to Route 18 North. Take Route 18 North to New Brunswick to the New Street exit. From New Street turn right at first traffic light onto Neilson Street. From Neilson Street turn left onto Bayard Street. Court House will be on the right one block past the George Street traffic light.
  • From the Garden State Parkway: Take the 129 exit to the NJ Turnpike southbound, follow as stated above.
  • From Monmouth/Ocean Counties: Take Route 9 North to Route 18. Exit at the New Street exit. Take the first right at the traffic light onto Neilson Street. Turn left onto Bayard Street. Courthouse will be on the right side one block from George Street.

Helpful Middlesex County Resources:

The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall is a statewide criminal defense practice with offices located throughout New Jersey, including Middlesex County, whose lawyers represent individuals in felony and indictable cases in Middlesex County Superior Court, and on misdemeanor disorderly persons offenses such as disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, issuing a bad check, simple assault, petty harassment, criminal mischief, possession of less than 50 grams of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, trespass, shoplifting, other petty disorderly persons offenses in Carteret Municipal Court, Cranbury Municipal Court, Dunellan Municipal Court, East Brunswick Municipal Court, Edison Municipal Court, Jamesburg Municipal Court, Metuchen Municipal Court, Milltown Municipal Court, Monroe Municipal Court, Middlesex Boro Municipal Court, New Brunswick Municipal Court, North Brunswick Municipal Court, Old Bridge Municipal Court, Perth Amboy Municipal Court, Piscataway Municipal Court, Plainsboro Municipal Court, Sayreville Municipal Court, South Amboy Municipal Court, South Brunswick Municipal Court, South Plainfield Municipal Court, South River Municipal Court, Spotswood Municipal Court, Woodbridge Municipal Court, Highland Park Municipal Court, Helmetta Municipal Court.