Juvenile In Custody

Hillsborough NJ Juvenile Defense Lawyer

There are special rules that apply in Hillsborough and other municipalities in Somerset County when the individual taken into custody is a juvenile. While a police officer is permitted to take a minor into custody just like an adult when there is probable cause to believe a criminal offense has been committed, this is not considered an arrest under New Jersey Law. The reason is because holding a juvenile is predicated on protecting his or her health, morals or well-being as opposed to a form of punishment. Law enforcement must, however, immediately notify the parents of the juvenile that the child has been taken into custody. If you son or daughter has been “arrested” by police or brought in for questioning, you need to consult an experienced Somerset County Juvenile Attorney immediately. The defense team at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall has the pedigree you need to afford protection to your child. We are former prosecutors with over 100 years experience who have handled untold juvenile cases over the past several decades. To speak to a lawyer about a Watchung, South Bound Brook, Branchburg, Manville, North Plainfield or other pending matter in this area, call our Somerville Office or Bridgewater Office.

Detention of a Juvenile in Somerset County

Typically, a child will be released to his parents or guardian following processing. There are certain situation where a juvenile over age 11 can be confined. More specifically, a judge must find that detention is necessary to either insure the child’s appearance in court or because the physical safety of persons or property of the community would be seriously threatened if the juvenile were released. Boys and girls who are held in custody reside at the Middlesex County Juvenile Detention Center as Somerset County no longer has its own facility. In deciding whether or not to detain a child, the judge must consider the following factors:

  1. The nature and circumstances of the offense charged;
  2. The age of the juvenile;
  3. The juvenile’s ties to the community;
  4. The juvenile’s record of prior adjudications, if any; and
  5. The juvenile’s record of appearance or non-appearance at previous court proceedings.

A child who is detained is entitled to review of the court’s determination periodically. This requirement is intended to insure that a juvenile is detained for only that amount of time that is necessary to fulfill the aforementioned standard.

Bernards Township Juvenile Lawyers

Although Bernards New Jersey is far from a high crime municipality, it does have its fair share of juvenile mishaps. Whether its criminal mischief, aggravated assault or distribution of marijuana, incidents occur and require the attention of a qualified juvenile defense attorney. This is precisely what we can afford to you and your child at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall. We have been defending juveniles charged in Bernards, Franklin, Bridgewater, Raritain Borough, Bound Brook and other towns for several decades with success. To speak to an attorney with the skills required to thoroughly protect your son or daughter, call our firm anytime 24/7 for a free consultation.