Somerset County Juvenile Offenses

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If your son or daughter is a minor and is accused of a juvenile criminal offense within the borders of Somerset County, the case will be heard in the Family Division in Somerville New Jersey. The scenario is the same for a charge arising in any of the municipalities in Hunterdon County except that the Juvenile Part of that jurisdiction is located in Flemington. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall have defended countless juveniles charged with an endless spectrum of violations. Whether your child was arrested in Readington, Bound Brook, Clinton, North Plainfield or elsewhere, a lawyer at this firm has the know how and skill you need. Our former prosecutors and experienced lawyers will do whatever is necessary to insure that your child’s future is unaffected. To speak to a juvenile lawyer on our eight member defense team about allegations of juvenile delinquency arising in Raritan, Franklin Township, Somerville, Bridgewater or another town in the region, call us at 908-772-1011.

Somerville & Flemington Juvenile Charges

Different court rules and laws apply to juvenile defendants than their adult counterparts. The biggest thing you should know is that jurisdiction to hear cases is limited to the Family Division. There is no authority on the part of a municipal court or even the Criminal Division of the Superior Court to preside over a criminal case involving a minor except where the accused as been waived up to adult court. As previously stated, the Family Division in Somerset and Hunterdon County are located in Somerville and Flemington, respectively. The second thing you should know is that the primary objective of the juvenile delinquency court is to help the child rather than punish. This translates into entirely separate rules for questioning of a juvenile defendant, taking an alleged delinquent into custody and sentencing of a juvenile. The lawyers at our firm are knowledgeable in all areas of juvenile charges including the defense of:

Whether your child is facing one of these offenses or something that you view as ridiculously minor, you have no discretion in terms of deciding to hire an attorney. Every juvenile who is accused of a criminal violation is required to be represented by a lawyer at each stage of proceedings. You are required to hire an attorney for your son or daughter absent your qualifying as indigent and being assigned a public defender. A parent lacks the ability to speak on behalf of their child in any capacity. There is accordingly little incentive to delaying in seeking legal advice and representation if you know that your child has been charged or is under investigation for a crime.

Juvenile Crime Defense Attorneys In Somerville New Jersey

As lawyers and parents who have been doing this work for decades, we share your concern in protecting your child. No one should enter adulthood with a criminal record or any blemish that could effect their ability to attend college, obtain employment or a professional license. At The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall we know what it takes to afford you and your child maximum assurance against a negative outcome. We accomplish this goal utilize over 100 years of experience and a commitment to you. To speak to one of the defense attorneys on our staff anytime 24/7, call us at 908-722-1011.