Possession of a Handgun While Distributing CDS

Our Teams of Atlantic County Gun Lawyers Includes Former Prosecutors Who Have Served As Director of the Gun Task Force & Major Crimes Bureau

Whether you are assisting someone who is still being held at the Atlantic County Jail or are someone who has already been processed and released, a criminal charge for possession of a handgun or other weapon while committing a CDS offense is an extremely serious offense that requires a skilled attorney. A charge under N.J.S.A. 2C:39-4.1 is a separate and additional second degree crime to distribution of heroin, cocaine, lsd, methamphetamine or another drug, and it carries up to a decade in prison and tens of thousands in potential fines. A lawyer who is skilled in defending weapon offenses is crucial to protecting your future and this is precisely what we can provide at the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall. We are former prosecutors, including a Guns Task Force and Major Crimes Bureau Director, who have defended possession of firearms cases for over 150 years combined. Attorneys are ready in our Mays Landing Office to discuss your charge for possession of a handgun while engaging in CDS activities. Call (609) 616-0020 to speak to an accomplished lawyer with the knowledge of the local court system and New Jersey law to thoroughly protect your interests.

Arrested in Atlantic City, Hamilton, Galloway, Egg Harbor or Another Atlantic County Municipality For Possession Of A Weapon During CDS Activities

Although our discussion has been limited to handgun and firearm possession under 2C:39-4.1, it is important to keep in mind that this law extends to all weapons possessed while engaged in CDS activities. The statute also applies to other activities beyond pure distribution. The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office can charge you with this violation if you possessed a weapon and were engaged in:

  • Maintaining a CDS Production Facility
  • Distributing Drugs, including Cocaine, Marijuana, Heroin, LSD, MDMA or Methamphetamine
  • Employing a Juvenile in Distribution of CDS/Drugs
  • Maintaining a CDS Production Facility
  • Possession With Intent to Distribute

The handgun or other variety of firearm must be possessed during the commission, attempted commission or while fleeing from one of these activities. When the weapon is something other than a firearm, the item must be possessed during the course of commission of one of the aforesaid offenses and the possession must also be “under circumstances not manifestly appropriate for such lawful uses”.

If you plead guilty or are otherwise convicted under 2C:39-41. you face the normal penalties for a second degree crime. The consequences include 5-10 years in state prison and a fine that can reach $150,000. In addition, this charge does not merge with the related drug offense and must be run consecutive (i.e. the time served in prison does not begin until the time on the cds charge has been completed).

Contact Our Possession of a Gun While Selling Drugs Defense Lawyers in Mays Landing For Immediate Assistance

Mays Landing is the county seat and the home of the Atlantic County Superior Court where all felony criminal offenses are adjudicated. It also happens to the location of our Atlantic County Law Office. It naturally follows that we are extremely familiar with the terrain in this venue and it also helps that the lawyers at the firm have defended countless gun and drug charges. Indeed, two of our attorneys were even top level supervising prosecutors who headed the Drug Task Force and Major Crimes Bureau. If you have been charged with possession of a handgun, rifle, shotgun, assault rifle or even BB/Pellet gun during the commission of a CDS activities, contact us in Mays Landing to speak to a highly knowledgeable attorney immediately. A lawyer is available 24/7 at (609) 616-0020.


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